Sonos Spark & Ember

Development of a new SONOS speaker & extension to better reach Generation Z as SONOS customers.

- in cooperation with SONOS -

5th Semester • Client Work • 14 Weeks

Research & Analysis

Through an extensive market research, interaction analysis with existing products and the disassembly of different smart speakers, with products from SONOS as well as ones from competitors, we gained a comprehensive overview of the topic.

Research &


Based on our research, we developed a series of potential areas in which SONOS as a company and its products could be improved.

Concept Ideation

Based on the potentials we elaborated from our research conclusions, I developed many individual concepts as solutions for the different problem and potential areas.

Final Concept Idea

From all these individual concepts I then consolidated three holistic concepts for product ideas.
I consulted with Sonos, and we selected one of my consolidated concepts as the most interesting, which was the expandable speaker concept.

Design Development

I started sketching to develop design ideas for my concept. Some were more about embracing the two products as two singular objects, for example one was inspired by two pebbles stacked on top of each other, while for others I tried to make it look like one seamless object when both speakers were stacked on top of each other. I then settled on a more seamless design concept to further refine.


To get shape and size just right, I made several prototypes before finalizing my design.

Final Design & Concept

The final concept consisted of two products, the small Bluetooth speaker SPARK, affordable to buy for young people, and the expansion EMBER, which adds more features to SPARK, makes it integrable into the SONOS multiroom system and enriches its sound.

Physical Model

The precise construction of a detailed real life model using 3D printing, CNC milling, hand finishing, painting, etc. was also an important part of the process.