Design of a video doorbell for home security.

3rd Semester • Design Project • 8 Weeks

Research & Analysis

We obtained a thorough understanding of the subject by conducting extensive market research, performed an interaction analysis and analyzing existing products through disassembly.

Feature Concepts

Based on my research, I developed numerous concepts that could improve the experience with a video doorbell.

Design Development

From several individual concepts I then consolidated an entire concept. From there, I developed a design that included all of these features.

Final Design

The combination or rather the alternation of straight and spanned surfaces gives this video bell a certain dynamic.

The camera lens and bell button curve outward and inward in opposite directions, creating a clear divergence. This is further supported by the separation of the two surfaces through different materialities and colors.

The camera offers a good view of the front door area due to its high resolution of 4K and wide viewing angle of 170°, due to the strong infrared lights even at night. A status LED shows the visitor whether the camera is currently active.

The doorbell is charged via USB-C, so it can be charged with almost any common USB-C charger.

enable Sound for best experience