Development of an electric screwdriver in the design language of Audi.

4th Semester • Technical Design • 14 Weeks

This project is a student project and not affiliated with Audi in any way possible.

Research & Analysis

Through an extensive market research, interaction analysis with existing products and the disassembly and rebuilding of an electric screwdriver, I gained a comprehensive overview of the topic.

Brand analysis

Since the cordless screwdriver was to be developed fictitiously for an existing brand, I analyzed the corresponding brand and developed concept ideas based on it.


I then developed an overall concept from the individual concept ideas. My concept was intended to appeal to occasional users with a preference for products with modern electronic features and a simple, elegant design by means of a few selected digital auxiliary features. Because the typical Audi driver is not likely to be a heavy user of a cordless screwdriver.

design development

After the concept phase, the next step was the design development. Here, the design language of the brand was to be incorporated as well as possible.


Final Design

The Audi Electric Screwdriver is a compact 7.2 volt cordless screwdriver for home use. It joins the lineup of Audi Lifstyle products and is thus mainly aimed at Audi enthusiasts. In addition to its high-quality workmanship, the screwdriver is distinguished by several high-tech features, true to Audi's guiding principles of innovation and technical progress. These include the digital spirit level, the energy bar and the charging case.

Technical structure

The housing is uncharacteristically divided into three shells so that no separation gap is visible on the upper side. The screw connections are covered for the most part, for example by the rubber grips, to allow for a more undisturbed and tidy design. The metal ring also contributes to the cohesion of the housing shells by press-fitting and subsequent fixing.


The precise construction of a real life model using 3D printing, CNC milling, hand finishing, painting, etc. was also an important part of the process.

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